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How to refinance your Home Loan?

The interest rates on home loans have eased in last few months. In this scenario, many borrowers are considering to refinance their mortgage and capitalize on this opportunity. In simple terms, home loan refinance means transferring your present loan to another lender.  It is also referred to as Home Loan Balance

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Impact of global financial meltdown on us

Greed & Fear have been and would be the two indisputable factors that would drive the markets. Factors that led to this global meltdown are linked to subprime lending losses in US (3 trillion dollars and counting according to some estimates). You might ask, what is  "subprime lending"? Subprime lending is a

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All about Loans and Mortgages

There were times when finding credit was difficult, and money lenders were outright wicked. Remember Shylock from Shakespeare's, The Merchant of Venice, or for instance our local Sahukaar. But today the scenario is different. Many financial institutions are competing with each other to lend you money. (more…)

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