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5 Tips to reduce your life insurance cost

It is not possible to negotiate the basic premium rates offered by insurance companies. Using a little common sense and initiative you can however save your self some money and so make life insurance more affordable. Life insurance rates are based on several factors - your age, health history (including family

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Demystifying common insurance myths

Insurance is often bought and sold for the wrong reasons. Though insurance is a risk cover, many of us mistakenly consider it as a mere investment and tax saving product. In simple terms, insurance allows someone who suffers a loss or accident to be compensated for the effects of their misfortune.

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How to create and implement your financial strategy?

Once you've identified your financial goals and committed yourself to saving and investing, you're ready to put together a strategy, or a series of strategies, to meet them. Suppose, for example, you have a child you expect will go to college or technical school. Creating a financial strategy The first step

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