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Accident Insurance protects you from contingencies

Accidents don't just happen on the roads. They can occur in your office, while traveling or entertaining, or even at home while doing everyday chores. In terms of your finances, they make a double impact. On the one hand, your healthcare spending increases as you undergo treatment. On the other, your

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IPL T20 and Investing – Interesting similarities

Similarity between IPL T20 and Investing! Don't be surprised, the most popular form of Cricket and your financial planning and investment share a lot of common strategies. Cricket is indubitably the most popular sport in India. The Twenty20 format specially the Indian Premier League T20 (known as the IPL T20) has

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Plan for continued income flow post retirement

The objective of retirement planning is to balance the income and expenditure during the post retirement dependency period. Till recently, most of the aged people lived with their families after retirement with or without any pension or any plan for self-dependence. However, as discussed in our earlier article, Retirement Planning -

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