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Top 5 myths of Mutual Fund investing

Investors often have many misconceptions about investing in mutual fund schemes. They think Mutual Fund NFOs and Company IPOs are alike,  consider mutual fund dividends as extra returns, or even feel investing that investing in Stocks and Mutual Funds are similar. This article will demystify all these misconceptions. #1 Mutual Fund

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Abolished entry load – India Post stops MF distribution

In June 2009, The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) had abolished entry load for investing in mutual funds. This SEBI guideline, empowering investors through transparency in payment of commission and load structure came into force on August 1, 2009. Personal Money had earlier analyzed the impact of this move on

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Systematic Investment Plans means Smart Investing

Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) in Mutual Funds are gaining popularity with investors. Unlike some investors who like to park their money as a lumpsum into a Mutual Fund Scheme, and forget about it, investors going in for SIP have an edge. In investment terms, Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) follows a methodology

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